Nuttall Gear TDS Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers

TDS Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers

DS Parallel shaft speed reducers provide high torque capability and proven dependability. Type TDS standard features include hardened single helical gears, tapered roller bearings, large inspection plates, a positive splash system for lubrication, extra wide bearing spans, and center bearing supports. All Type TDS units can be assembled with various horizontal and vertical input and output shaft arrangements extending on either side of the speed reducer. Hollow output shafts are also available.


Product Features

  • Torque ratings up to 6,000,000 inch-pounds

  • Standard gear ratios up to 1500:1

  • These units incorporate precision gearing (in single, double, triple, quadruple, and quintuple reductions) 

  • Enclosed in heavy-duty cast iron or fabricated steel housing


Check the Nuttall Gear General Catalog to select the best model for your application.


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