Tsubaki Bearing Bush Double Pitch Chain Series

Tsubaki Bearing Bush Double Pitch Chain Series

Tsubaki's Bearing Bush chain is designed to virtually eliminate initial stretch. By incorporating needle bearings between the pin and bushing, this chain ensures excellent wear life even without the need for lubrication. The key dimensions and attachments of the chain align with the ASME/ANSI standard double-pitch conveyor chains, making it compatible with standard oversized roller sprockets from U.S. Tsubaki.

This Bearing Bush chain is particularly well-suited for precision applications where accurate positioning of conveyed material is crucial. It is recommended for scenarios demanding reliable performance without the concern of initial stretch.


  • Spring clip-type connecting links will be supplied for CN2042, CN2052, and CN2062H.

  • Offset links are not available.

  • An SS Series (SUS304) variant is also accessible.

  • Nickel-plating options are available for link plates.


Tsubaki Bearing Bush Double Pitch Chain Series Catalog

Tsubaki Bearing Bush Double Pitch Chain Attachment Series Catalog

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