Washdown Motors IEC

Washdown Duty Motors

The term Washdown Duty is predominantly used in the electric motor and power transmission industry to signify that a machine is designed to offer a high level of protection against water-related effects. These motors and related equipment were specifically developed to meet the stringent requirements of the baking and food processing industries, where frequent cleaning with hot, high-pressure water, often containing potent cleaning agents, is a daily necessity.

It's important to note that not all "washdown duty" equipment is uniform. Some washdown duty motors are essentially standard motors with additional sealing features and a high-quality coating, typically in white, to shield them from water exposure. On the other hand, you have Stainless Steel Washdown Duty equipment, where the entire external structure is constructed from stainless steel, often polished for ease of cleaning. These units are completely resistant to moisture and fully enclosed to prevent dust ingress. The most exceptional designs even incorporate rounded corners where possible to eliminate any cracks or crevices that could trap dirt.


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