Leeson SM2 and SM4 Series Flux Vector Sub MicroAC Inverters

Leeson SM2/SM4 Series Flux Vector Sub-MicroAC Inverters

Speedmaster sensorless vector drives offer "big drive" capabilities within a remarkably compact form. SM2 models range from 1/2 to 25 HP and feature an IP31 enclosure, classified as NEMA 1 Type. SM4 models span from 1/2 to 10 HP and come with an IP65 enclosure, meeting NEMA 4 standards.

SM2 Series Flux Vector Series AC Inverter

General Specifications

  • Designed to be used with vector duty-rated AC motors

  • Open loop flux vector designs

  • Enclosure: Nema1, IP31, -10 to 55°C, 2.5% derate per °1C above 40°C


SM4 Series Flux Vector Series AC Inverters

General Specifications:

  • Indoor use only inverter that is designed to be used with vector duty motors

  • Enclosure: NEMA 4, IP65, -10 to 55°C, derate per °1C above 40°


Check LEESON's Motor Catalog to choose the motor control drive that best suits your application.


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