Motovario Right Angle Mid Heavy Duty Gear Reducers PBZ

Motovario Right Angle Mid-Heavy Duty Gear Reducers PBZ

PBZ series of right angle mid-heavy duty gear reducers produced by Motovario are parallel helical and bevel-helical gear reducers with up to 4 reduction stages with the benefits of compact size, high power density, reliability, modularity, and a favorable performance/sturdiness ratio.

PBZ gear reducers are designed for continuous, critical, and complex applications requiring many accessories and dedicated options for specific fields. 



  • RAL 5010 blue

  • Reduction ratios ranging from 6 to 419

  • EN-GJS400-15 UNI EN 156 cast-iron casing

  • Nominal output momentum 110,000 Nm (n1= 1400 rpm)

  • Gears and sprockets: hardened and case-hardened 21NiCrMo2 steel

  • Available input versions: P – with bell gear and joint, I – with solid shaft

  • Sizes: 179, 199, 219, 249, 269, 279, 319, 349, 399, 409

  • Gearing: 2, 3, and 4 stages for parallel gear reducers, and 3 and 4 stages for helical bevel gear reducers

  • Outer protection with two-component water-based paint, minimum coat thickness of 80 microns.

  • Available output versions:

    • HC - hollow output shaft with key slot

    • HL - hollow output shaft with locking unit

    • CS - cylindrical solid output shaft with key

    • CD - cylindrical double outlet solid output shaft with key


Mid-Heavy Duty Gearboxes





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