MRF Modular Rota Free Torque Limiter

MRF-Modular Rota-Free Torque Limiter

Modular Rota-Free has explicitly been designed for overload protection in heavy-duty, high-speed, and high-inertia machines to disconnect the driven side immediately from the motor side, which rotates after disconnection completely free.

Modular Rota-Free is preset to the required machine disengagement torque; in case of readjustment, we will supply a setting torque chart and the security instructions upon request.

The disengagement torque values range from 640 Nm to 42400 Nm for mounting on shafts up to 200 mm. Larger-size Torque Limiters are available upon request.


Check the MRF Modular Rota Free Torque Limiter Catalog to select the product that best suits you.


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