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VIBCO Vibrator has been a leading manufacturer of vibration solutions for over 50 years. They have been innovating and creating Industrial Vibrators since 1962. Vibco offers a variety of Electric, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Vibrators including Material Flow, Concrete, Mobile Vibrators, and Vibratory Equipment such as Plate Compactors & Vibrating Rollers, Air Cannons, Vibrating Tables, and Concrete Vibrators.

The VIBCO vibrators are extensively used in Construction Industries, Material Handling, Food & Beverage production, etc.

At HVH, we work closely with the VIBCO engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

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Concrete Vibrators Handbook & Equipment Guide


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VIBCO was founded in Sparta, New Jersey 1962 by Theodore Wadensten, an immigrant from Sweden. Mr. Wadensten had immigrated to the United States as a sales engineer for a European vibrator manufacturer. Shortly after arriving in the United States, Wadensten recognized that the American market needed a no-maintenance vibrator with greater durability for rough applications

His vision was to create a company that would provide high-quality vibration solutions to businesses in a more personalized and customer-centric manner. Initially, VIBCO focused on producing small vibratory tables and electric vibrators for the concrete industry. However, the company soon expanded its product line to include pneumatic and hydraulic vibrators, DC vibrators, and other types of vibration equipment. In the following years, VIBCO continued to grow, acquiring several companies and expanding its operations to other states and countries.

Today, VIBCO is a global leader in the manufacturing of industrial and construction vibrators, with a reputation for quality and innovation that is unmatched in the industry.  VIBCO is headquartered in Wyoming, Rhode Island, with additional facilities in Texas, Utah, and the United Kingdom The company is still family-owned and operated, with Edwin Peterson's son, Karl, serving as President and CEO. Under Karl's leadership, VIBCO has continued to grow and expand, opening new facilities in Europe and Asia to better serve its global customer base.

Products and Solutions Offered by VIBCO

Electric Vibrators

VIBCO's Silent Electric Vibrators are totally enclosed and can be used inside or outside, in dust, dirt, rain or snow. They solve a wide variety of problems - speeding the flow of bulk materials through any size bin, hopper, or chute, packing material in drums and bags, consolidating concrete, and aiding the efficiency of material through screens.

Hydraulic Vibrators

VIBCO's hydraulic vibrators are designed for heavy-duty applications, including concrete pouring, bridge building, and mining. These vibrators operate using hydraulic power and can deliver high-frequency vibrations, making them ideal for construction equipment, concrete forming equipment, and a wide variety of applications

Pneumatic Vibrators

VIBCO's pneumatic vibrators are ideal for caustic environments and for high-temperature or low-temperature environments. Pneumatic vibrators are used in food production, chemical production, pharmaceutical production, or other operations that require sanitary working conditions

Compactors and Rollers

VIBCO's compactors and rollers are designed to deliver powerful vibrations to compact soil, asphalt, and other materials. These products are essential for road construction, landscaping, and other heavy-duty applications. The productivity of any job can be increased by using VIBCO Plate Compactors and Vibratory Rollers due to their ability to compact at a faster speed, thus reducing the number of passes required. In addition, their lighter-weight materials make them easily portable, and all models are equipped with handles that lock at 90 degrees, facilitating their lifting and transportation.

Vibrating Tables

VIBCO Vibrators provides vibrating tables that are not only affordable but also efficient and long-lasting, catering to a broad range of industrial or construction applications. Whether it's for settling material for shipment or compacting concrete, VIBCO offers a Vibrating Table solution that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Air Cannons

VIBCO Vibrators provide cost-effective, efficient, and dependable air cannons designed to accommodate various industrial or construction applications. In case you encounter any material flow issues such as arching, bridging, ratholing, or material adhering to the bin walls, a VIBCO Air Cannon can offer a solution.

The VIBCO Air Cannon comprises a high-pressure tank that stores compressed air (ranging from 80 to 125 PSI) and a rapid-release piston valve. Upon command, the valve immediately releases compressed air into the bin or silo, causing the material to become fluidized.

VIBCO is a leading industrial vibration solutions provider, renowned for its high-quality products and customer-centric approach. Founded in 1962, the company has a rich history of innovation and excellence that spans over six decades. Today, VIBCO is a trusted partner to businesses across various industries, providing them with customized vibration solutions that improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity. in his garage in Wyoming, Rhode Island. Initially, the company focused on producing vibrators for the concrete industry. However, as demand grew, VIBCO expanded its product line to include industrial vibrators for a variety of applications.