Brunel Mining Torque Limiters

Brunel Mining Torque Limiters

Mining Torque Limiters ball bearing and tamperproof designed products specifically intended for high-speed applications such as the mining industry. They feature instant disconnect, quick and simple reset, improved lubrication system, and are available in shrink disc and brake system options. Thes torque limiters can protect your equipment from motor torque spikes, short circuit torques, and jams that can cause major drive train damage. 

The main benefits of High-Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) Torque Limiters include the following:

  • Full Range—up to 10 Megawatt Drives

  • Ameridrives Industrial Couplings and U-Joint

  • Optional Parking and/or Emergency Braking System Standard with AGMA gear coupling
    Optional flexible torsionally resilient coupling

  • Manual Disconnect Modules (Patent Pending) Allow the user to uncouple the motor from the pinion (or driven reducer)



Mill Torque Limiter with Caliper Brake System

Mill Torque Limiter with Caliper Brake System consists of three principal elements: Torque Limiter, Gear Coupling, and Caliper Brake System. The product's modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance without relocating other equipment. It can accommodate up to 15,000 hp at 200 rpm.



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