Brunel Torque Limiters for Fresh and Waste Water Applications

Brunel Torque Limiters for Fresh and Waste Water Applications

The Waste Water Safety Element Torque Limiters are explicitly designed for the outdoor, corrosive “wastewater” environment. They are made of 316 stainless steel throughout, except D-2 ( Rc 62) tool steel “ working parts” in the safety element, “O” ring seals, and PTFE bearings. The internal parts are packed with grease and are externally greaseable. Eight “O” ring seals prevent contaminants from entering the unit, while a grease vent allows added grease to go out. Modular construction provides flexible design and simple maintenance.

Safety elements are precision Belleville spring loaded with single ball detent design. A unique over-center mechanism ensures complete and bidirectional disengagement on overload and simple, fast manual re-engagement.



Four Safety Element Styles are available:

  1. Externally Adjustable

  2. Disconnectable (Tamperproof)

  3. Standard (Tamperproof)

  4. Extremely Adjustable Disconnectable


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