Brunel Torque Limiting Clutches JAB

Brunel Torque Limiting Clutches JAB

The JAB series is a robust and compact Torque Limiting Clutch that can be installed in any drive system, safeguarding against sudden spikes or gradual torque build-up. They are good solutions for many conveyor systems, paper machinery, packaging machinery, and other mechanical systems.

Modifications are possible to provide manual lever operation of the clutch while retaining the overload release feature. The clutch release torque is from 10 to 4000 Ib ft with 14-5500Nm.

Product Features

  • Complete disengagement on overload

  • Positive drive - no slip 

  • Rapid easy reset

  • Simple “one screw” torque adjustment

  • Torque setting maintained indefinitely

  • Release action can operate a warning device or limit switch

  • May also be used as a lever-operated clutch


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