Brunel Torque Limiting Clutches JFV

Brunel Torque Limiting Clutches JFV

The JFV series is a PTO Drive Manual Reset grease lubricated Torque Limiting Clutches. They are grease-packed on assembly with a molybdenum disulfide base of grease. A grease fitting is provided for routine maintenance.

The clutch hub is mounted on the drive shaft of the PTO using a push fit and key. When installing it is not allowed to hammer the flange face. The universal joint should be mounted to the flange using socket head screws.


Product Features

  • Easy Reset

  • Simple Adjustment

  • Maximum Speed 3000 rpm

  • Prevents Expensive Transmission Damage By Automatically Disengaging On Overload

  • Flange Mates With Standard Series Universal Joints

  • Fully Sealed Against The Environment Of A PTO Drive

  • Release Torque Adjustable Up To 560 Lb ft Maximum


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