Brunel Torque Limiting Modules

Brunel Torque Limiting Modules

Torque Limiting Modules are designed to provide overload protection for applications requiring high torque transmission. They are the best solutions for many power transmission applications, such as chains, belts, gear drives, shaft-to-shaft gears, or flexible coupling drives. They are structured from high-quality tool steels through hardened Rockwell C62 and precision ground to close tolerances.

The maximum release torque depends on the number and size of Torque Limiting Modules that can be incorporated and the unit size that can be accommodated within the confines of the installation. Internally & externally adjusted modules provide repeatability better than ±5%. However, externally adjusted modules are preferred when the application is required to operate within minimal variations between static & dynamic disengagement.

Normal Operation

The flanges X and Y are driven by a large steel ball 2, located in the detent pocket 1, which is retained by a plunger 3. This, in turn, is retained axially using a system of angled races 6,8 biased by pressure from the Belleville springs 5, acting on a circle of balls 7.


Detent Pockets

Internally and externally adjusted modules can feature through-hole or blind-hole depending on the. The detent type depends on the limitation designs. All modules are required to be preloaded. In the case of the through-hole module, it is implemented by tightening the set screw at the base of the detent pocket. In the case of the blind hole module, this is done via shims under the module.


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